Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Take Away Shows

I have become a master at multi-tasking and can now successfully and (almost) as productively scan books at work while watching videos on youtube!
So this morning I made a wonderful discovery. That Beirut video I posted the other day is just one in a series of just as amazing videos featuring just as amazing artists!
They are called Take Away Shows orrrr Concerts a Emporter and a new one is posted every week by the same Paris-based film team.

I really like how simple they are. Raw. Just one-take of the artists performing the song. At the same time they always include visually interesting settings and camera work. and similar pacing (with endings that trail off after the song and occasional footage of the band or artist bantering amongst one another and setting up.)

Maybe I'm late in the game on this one, but if you haven't done so already--check it out.

A few favorites so far:
Arcade Fire (Neon Bible in an elevator!)
Stephen Malkmus (We Can't Help You---roof/dance classes below!)
Beirut (obviously)
Animal Collective

I actually haven't watched too many yet, though.

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L. Laws said...

and Sufjan!!! though his is just him on a roof complaining about being cold. still, he could be doing anything and i would love it...him.