Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flood Part One

flying turtles. :)

I'm feeling a little worn out. The short days and long nights make me sleepy and unproductive. All I ever want to do is curl up in a blanket and talk or read or watch movies. But I do have ideas for things I want to write about on here. Hopefully I will get to a few of them this week.

I was planning on just ignoring this topic altogether...but after the 10th straight morning of showing up to work and having my co-workers blast the Twilight audio books around the office and talk incessantly about the movie I am feeling a little bit of repressed angst.
This summer I decided to see what all the fuss was about and I read 1 and 1/2 of the books before calling it quits. I have a lot of thoughts on why I think it is just a ridiculous and poorly written series. and maybe I will expand on those sometime.
But today I was just pondering on the reasons that I can't even find some sort of frivolous indulgence in them. (because I CAN find frivolous indulgence in mindless teen literature--believe me! the most embarrassing example being that time in high school I spent 2 weeks reading all of The Princess Diaries books.)
It hit me today that besides the fact that I feel like the writing itself is bad and the characters and plot are shallow--I don't even identify with any of the things that are held up in the book as these greatly coveted ideals.
There is such a strong emphasis on physical beauty, money, style and power. All of these values are sharply embodied by Edward and the other vampires.
and...honestly I have never wanted a dangerous and controlling boyfriend, who is like sooooo hott and sparkly and could crush me in his cold iron grasp and has expensive race cars and a lot of money.
meh...just a thought.


L. Laws said...

Thank you!!
I really do not see the appeal in Edward whatsoever. Because, personally I prefer a warm human boy who doesn't want to eat me and isn't controlling and obsessive.

I could go on, but I will stop myself here. I am just glad someone feels the same way.

kelly said...

you are so funny brookybrooke, kiley totally agrees with you and is sick of hearing about it. i like the books, i am not twitterpated about them or about edward but it is fantasy and to each his own, i could never get into harry potter and people go crazy over that so you never know but it's ok to not be among the masses!!