Friday, July 2, 2010

The Upside

I was reminded today of why I love Provo in the summer so much.
Mona lake in the morning. Then Bike riding, gallery strolling, and some extra nice sandwich-making and restaurant promoting in the afternoon.

I don't know who reads my blog that wouldn't know about the restaurant--but some good friends of mine are looking to open up a restaurant. in Provo! I was there for the beginning stages, for some of the initial dreaming up and planning and meeting. But these guys have been working hard on it for the past four months and it was exciting just to get to help out with some of the promotional stuff this evening.

The restaurant is called The Upside. <-- Click there for the website. They also just started a kickstarter fundraising campaign, so if you feel so inclined, please donate a dollar, or two (or five!)

Sorry for the shameless plug. I am just honestly excited about it all. No location yet--but they are looking to possibly buy a double-decker bus and set up shop there. It already has all the necessary restaurant facilities too. Kitchen on the bottom level and seating up top.

And let me just say, they make some revolutionary grilled cheese sandwiches.

Photo by Christine Armbruster

Then tomorrow, there will be all sorts of celebration and revelry to cap off an already perfect summer weekend. farmers markets, community gardens, barbeques and waterslides and fireworks. I love holidays that stretch over the course of several days.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Realm of the Unreal

I just watched this documentary. The entire concept of art brut/outsider art is fascinating. and Henry Darger was definitely a fascinating, mysterious, kind of creepy (and yet kind of sweet and innocent-seeming) man--with a very distinctive style of painting/drawing/collaging/tracing.
And what prolificness! pages upon pages upon pages! and no one knew.

I actually like it quite a bit. The colors and composition are so bright and inventive and fantastical.