Thursday, April 29, 2010

walrus ostrich narwhal

Even though the weather has turned I am feeling happy and blessed.
I don't mind bringing out the jackets and the scarves again. This year I feel much less misdirected rage towards the sudden cold snaps--I am rolling with the punches.

What is rain but some moisture for the spring garden? Another week where we don't need to water?

I also noticed that the cold makes the tulips close up a little.
When the sun is beating hot they begin to throw their petals open wide and it feels like they are indecently exposed and a little flamboyantly erotic: "HELLO stamen!"
I have to say, I prefer the neatly closed petals. Skirts untwirled. I hope that doesn't make me a prude. I just want a little decency.

Is there anything more wonderfully magical than sea animals with tusks/horns?

Another question. Is there anything better than going to a friend's house and being served fresh homemade ostrich egg quiche? And then some strawberry napoleons and chocolate pasta with white chocolate raspberry sauce drizzled on top for dessert?

These days my life is just FILLED with horned sea animals and ostrich egg quiches--so, it is not an exaggeration when I say that things couldn't get much better.

"The world is so full of a number of things,
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."
-A Child's Garden of Verses

I know that these thoughts and that quote run the risk of sounding a little obtusely optimistic or
annoyingly sunny (in an always-grinning-no-matter-what sunday-school sort of way). But I don't mean it like that. I am just feeling truly grateful for small things these days, and I think it is good to make a note, start a list, count your blessings.
Then, during the hard times, I can look back and remember that somewhere out there in the vast oceans of our planet there is a herd of narwhal swimming.

Let me continue the list:

-free old huge heavy television sets to put in my bedroom and decorate with collages and watch old VHS tapes on
-friends who go to DI and surprise you with a working VCR
-camping in the great wide wilderness of southern utah
-hiking in the great wide wilderness of southern utah
-neighbors with baby chickens and a newly-built chicken coop
-anticipating the fresh eggs that said chickens will be producing by the end of the summer
-starting a restaurant
-riding bikes
-gardening, gardening meetings, plant stewardships
-bollywood market opening just down the street
-little brother Aaron coming to Provo oh so soon
-hanging out with that brother and sharing thoughts, books, music, movies
-lovely Elisa coming to Provo tomorrow!!!
-road trip to Santa Fe with mom and Jade
-talking to dad on the phone
-new jobs
-new classes
-making movies
-all the trees in Provo bursting with flowers
-compost piles
-having time to read


Austin said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! HELLO STAMEN!! hahahahahahaha

Jes said...

brooke. after this morning's e-mail, I think you may even re-consider your position on the prude tulips. Let me just say this, they are my favorite flower....
Hey. I have to tell you this: you will appreciate it. I went kayaking with my brother in a lake in Tallahassee. It was a recreation spot where they also corralled manatees for protection. While I sat in my kayak, a manatee swam up right next to me, rose to the surface, took a breath and went back under. My manatee. He had a scar on his back from boats, so I named him Slash. Sea animals are sweet sweet beings. I appreciate your post. Not much can get better than all of that.