Monday, June 15, 2009


things I do not like:

-giant prehistoric-looking dandelions and their disturbingly large seed-heads
-seeing people far off in the distance and not being able to tell if they are walking towards me or away from me
-feeling lonely/heavy boots

things I like:
-small, regular-sized dandelions
-kittens. namely, my kitten St. Crispin
-mushrooms growing wild in people’s yards
-compost, recycling and garbage containers—all in my kitchen
-fresh garden produce and all of its wonderful imperfections
-old slide projectors
-turning on the fan after using an olde slide projector to ensure it doesn’t overheat/explode
-silent e's
-movies about imaginary friends and delusions: Lars and the Real Girl, Drop Dead Fred, Harvey
-the word tabernacle
-the place tabernacle
-referring to the body as a tabernacle
-my grandfather’s poetry
-fleur de sel caramel ice cream
-handmade crafts from Kazakhstan

today, the things I like are winning out.

what do you like/dislike? and which side is winning out lately?


Kathleen said...

i will respond to your question via my next post- post haste!!

Kathleen said...

i also like lars and the real girl btw.

Jessica Anna said...

french sea salt accents. hmmmmm scoop me up a spoonful of that delight. brooke, you are thoughtful. i can't wait to meet st. crispin

Sondra said...

I am impressed, but not too surprised, that you have heard of/seen the movie Harvey. I have always liked that one. One thing I don't like is manipulative people. One thing I do like is the bed sheets I got from Costco. They feel great.

Scott said...

Fast-paced montages introducing the actors at the end of movie trailers.