Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dandelion Bats

At their old house my Grandpa had little storage drawers in the garage labeled “crap,” “more crap,” and “assorted crap.”
That is sort of like this entry.

The other night I was dozing off in the living room and in the bizarre stage between waking and sleep I slipped into a semi-lucid dream that involved cartoon bats flapping all over the place with these huge soft pink ears.
I was so thrilled with my muddled hallucination, I purposefully woke myself up to tell the others in the room about it.

I bought a hideous, yet oddly wonderful wall-hanging at DI yesterday. I found it hiding out in the “yard” section of the store, utterly out of place. From the second I laid eyes on it I knew I needed it more completely than I have ever needed something so utterly needless. It is hard to describe.
It is this sort of three-dimensional tree made of yarn and wire and frayed string pieces.
Jessica thought it looked like a bunch of colorful hair ripped out of a clown doll’s head and glued to tree branches.
Becca and I thought it looked awesome.
It reminds me of Danielson and the 9-fruit tree.

Sometimes I think that animal collective captures the very essence of romance in their lyrics:
fruity nuts and good grains
solid souls
peculiar ways
I want to walk around with you (just you)

Sometimes I think of love as the chance to start my own empire.
Sometimes I fear that true love will always be accompanied with small doses of apathy. Like “who cares if the world still sucks as long as I can make my world, with you, beautiful.”
Or, you know, maybe love is just wanting to walk around with someone. I wouldn’t know.

The lifecycle of a dandelion is tragically short. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that they sprouted up in just about every field and yard in Provo and now I can already see their fluffy white heads ready to blow away…


natatat said...

in Mother Night by kurt vonnegut, there's a big war theme and he refers to his bed with his wife and his love as their sovereign 'nation of two'. Das Reich das Zwei is the only country that makes sense or has meaning for them. it's a really sad book, sadder than any other ive read by him, but i remember that part being really beautiful and it reminds me of your thing about Love Empires, but i guess in a sadder, less fairy tale context.

Marie said...


You will be loved.

Jessica Anna said...

afro hair, thank you very much. I love it if you love it, Brookey.
You're right about those dandelions, I'm afraid the same can be said about the tulips, my preferred flower.
It would be nice to fall in love with someone with the same peculiar ways?
How come we don't say,"I'm falling in love for you?" instead of "I'm falling in love with you." We could probably very well be falling in love all by ourselves, alone in the journey. I'm going to say I'm falling in love for you from now on.
Brooke, I'm falling in love for your post right now. not a hint of crap.
oh by the way, I got your message, I'll call you about that tomorrow.

Jessica Anna said...

umm brookey. I've been thinking seriously - and I really think we should consider starting a band called Brooke's Turn. I'm not even kidding. not even.

exit 297.

Kathleen said...

can i see a picture of your 3d tree?