Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter Break

Going home for Christmas was warm and kind. it felt well-paced: not too long, not too short.
The sun went into hiding most days. and we enjoyed a constant dark and balmy drizzle. and one drastic 24-hour island-wide power outage due to lightning.

here are a few photos stolen from various friend's facebooks...
seeing old and familiar faces again was very nice:

Now I am back in snowy Provo. It hasn't stopped snowing for 2 days. and when I got off the bus today I was up to my waist.
Still--I am feeling happy and blessed and very lucky.
I am so excited about my classes this semester.
I am taking one entitled "Utopias: The Anthropology of Intentional Communities"
it's a very small class, reading and discussion-based. and the topic is so intriguing.

and just this morning I also found out that......

I GOT INTO THE WRITER'S BLOCK CLASS! This means I get to help develop and write for a new tv show on BYU Broadcasting and maybe (?) get paid a small stipend for it.
Right now I'm just totally shocked I made it in. Even though I felt good about my application--it seemed like pretty steep competition.
Admittedly, I'm also incredibly thrilled and excited. I had thoroughly convinced myself that I wouldn't get in. so the surprise was even greater than it might have been otherwise.

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kelly said...

your mom told me about your class, that is awesome! sorry i missed you all over break, i heard scott was into suspenders but i didn't know it was on his board shorts! good luck with your t.v. show!