Tuesday, January 20, 2009

survey time survey time survery time

ATTN: Everyone

I would be greatly obliged if you (YOU!) would kindly take the next 5-6 minutes of your day and fill out this survey.


We really would like to get a bit of market research done, and see what people think of a few tentative premises for a new series on BYU Broadcasting.
So PLEASE take a minute and help me out with the survey.

Now I am off to send out mass-emails!

side note: thank goodness for hot tea and space heaters.

1 comment:

L. Laws said...

1. i love tea
2. i started filling that out because aaron mass emailed it to our 112 section, but it died before i finished, so i will do it again...for you.
3. do not forget what your real goal for that class should be... ;)