Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And now I'm here, And here I stand


I am in the most ridiculous mood.
Just taking deep breaths, trying to ward it off. Listening to Daniel Johnston wail off-key about unrequited love.

So, I love these two Daniels and am fascinated by their unique dichotomy. I spent many hours last semester pondering it, and then putting it to words in a final humanities essay. I think studying their similarities and contrasting that with their very separate temperaments, styles and sources of inspiration can teach you a lot about the process of creation and inspiration. I am also fascinated by how one can find meaning and transcendence even in dark, absurd and obscure places. In the dissonant, the edgy, the off-kilter.

anyway, that's what I am hoping to find here. I've heard the album's leaked already. But I'll wait. I like building anticipation. !!!!!!

Now excuse me while I chant a mantra...letitgoletitgoletitgoletitgo


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