Tuesday, October 21, 2008

things currently occupying my thoughts

dreams of one day inhabiting some small friendly corner of the earth...

sea creatures, especially crustaceans and songs about them

nueva cancion! revolution!

fresh meals, with fresh local ingredients.

the edibility of pumpkins.

(They are quite tasty, and can serve to nourish the body rather than only accessorize the doorstep. instead of letting your jack-o-lantern rot away--throw it into a soup! Or a salad! Or a pie! )


L. Laws said...

i don't like pumpkin pie but i LOVE pumpkin soup. so so good.

also, those pictures are amazing and i thought you took them at first and was really impressed, but maybe you did...do you know people in foreign countries and down comforters.

kelly said...

hello, it's Aunty Kelly or Sis Bish or whatever you old girls call me now, jess commented on juli halstroms and i found your blog on hers, mind if we middle agers stop by?
my blog is sisbish.blogspot.com, love to hear from you guys. can't wait to sit for a min. and puruse through your blog!! i am adding you to my list!